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“But times change and so must I” – Dr. Who

Every now and then, Dr. Who regenerates.  That is, he completely changes into a new person with a new body.  It’s happened eleven times now.  Sometimes he’s older, sometimes he’s younger.  Each new Who get’s a new personality but his core being remains the same.  Sometimes he knows it’s coming and sometimes it catches him by surprise.  Each time he has to reinvent himself, and each time it’s a struggle at first.

Your markets don’t stay the same forever.  Sometimes the problem you solve goes away.  The market for buggy whips and saddles changed the day Henry Ford decided we all need cars in our driveway.  How many telegraph operators do you know?  My favorite product of all time, the iPod Classic, went away last week.  I bought the last one in town.  Listening to music is becoming something new.  Apparently we want to rent our music on the web.

When you are at the top of the S-curve, it’s time to look around and find another challenge.  Competition finds you and you become a commodity.

It’s better if you know it’s coming but come it will.


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