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“Nobody will ever deprive the American people of the right to vote except the American people themselves and the only way they could do this is by not voting” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

Seems like voter apathy has been around awhile.  In Tennessee, they only expect about 1/3 of registered voters will participate in this year’s election.

Steve Case was on Charlie Rose last night to provide a very interesting update on entrepreneurship in America.  His current job is Chairman of the Startup America Partnership, appointed the the President of the United States.  Central to that discussion was the government’s role in helping startups and entrepreneurs be successful.  This includes federal and state initiatives.  A big one is the recent passage of the 2012 Jobs Act which has made equity based crowd funding possible.  Now if the SEC can get through the sausage making of creating the rules, maybe it will happen soon.  Since 2009 Tennessee has enjoyed a state sponsored  program called TNInvestco which made $200 million in insurance tax credits available to create 10 seed stage venture capital funds.  The National Science Foundation and the Department of Energy have deployed technology commercialization programs specifically aimed at getting technology out of the research lab through startups.

Here’s the thing – a lot of entrepreneurs we work with are by nature, skeptical of government but our federal, state and local governments have supported entrepreneurship like never before.  Entrepreneurs have a big time stake in our government’s role in entrepreneurial support.

So should you get involved?

Please vote today!