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“Can you imagine Steve Jobs showing up for a paycheck? It’s nice to get paid. It’s essential to believe.” – Seth Godin

Sooner or later you will face a crisis of belief.  It seems to happen more often these days and it shows up everywhere.  A revered leader is dismissed over hubris and egotism.  A venerable church splits over a contemporary moral issue.  A veteran teacher struggles with a new job evaluation process.  A loyal employee is laid off due to a decision made in another city over numbers on a spreadsheet and shareholder value.

Crisis reveals hidden truth.  You learn what people really believe when their credibility is at stake and it’s surprising to learn how indifferent and selfish we tend to be.

Adjust your lifestyle to accommodate mobility and flexibility.  Save money in the good times.  When it all goes to hell, then go make your own meaning.  In fact, just go make your own meaning, period.

Read Tribes by Seth Godin

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“We choose not to be remarkable because we’re worried about criticism.” – Seth Godin

Change is hard.  People that lead change are often not popular with those who have a lot to lose.  Even those who have nothing to lose join in because failure is better news than success.

How many world-changing ideas die in the minds of the ones who choose to keep it to themselves?

I don’t know but it matters.  A lot!

But choosing to be remarkable demands that you see it through.  No one else can do it for you.  Nor should they.  It’s your idea.  The hard part is making it happen.  That’s where the value is.

Read “Tribes” by Seth Godin

“It’s all risk. Always.” – Seth Godin

A friend spent 16 years with a company doing a great job at every task he was given.  His last job was to help offshore some of the engineering testing to a foreign office half a world away.  After that task was completed successfully, he went to work and was told he’d done such a great job, they would’t need him any more.  His reward was a reasonable severance and the chance to seek opportunities somewhere else.

The only difference between this man and an entrepreneur is this:  The entrepreneur knows his risk and confronts it.  Known risk can be managed.

It’s all risk.  Acknowledge it.  Have a plan.

Read “Tribes” by Seth Godin