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“Take your best shot at analysis, place your bet on the table, work your ass off, and don’t look back. That’s how you build a great company.” – Guy Kawasaki

Planning is important.  Analysis is as well.  It is useful to search for patterns that could reveal some repeatability and predictability.

You need to do the market research and you need to pour over your financials, but as Pete Seeger wrote, there’s “a time for every purpose under Heaven.”  Planning and analysis must soon end because neither generates cash.

Confirm your instincts, get the data for the pitch and make sure the numbers tie together.  Then go get your product in your customer’s hands!


Read Reality Check by Guy Kawasaki

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“Make haste slowly.” – Guy Kawasaki

The common advice to startups is to get your product in the customer’s hands as fast as possible.  This is true because if you are solving a big problem, chances are that others are trying to solve it too.

Another basic truth is “never deliver the perfect product; deliver the product that is good enough.”  The Lean Launchpad folks call this the M.V.P.

But none of this means you have to sacrifice quality.  Your product does, in fact, have to work and it’s best when the customer is delighted to use it.

So how do you deliver a great product quickly, that is elegent but just good enough?

The answer is in the features and functionality you choose to deliver.  Your customer discovery process should highlight what is most important in solving the basic problem.  Then you deliver reliable functionality with elegant design and a delightful user experience.

It’s that simple…

Read “Reality Check” – By Guy Kawasaki

Blogging Gazelle is published daily by Shawn Carson