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“Technology’s only human.” – Ray Hiltz

I was reading a blog this week and there at the top of the page were the obligatory social media icon links for sharing.  I believe I counted seven options: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google +, Buffer and there may have been more.  Social media is so diverse now we need apps like Buffer and Hootsuite to manage it all.  BloggingGazelle automatically publishes to a few social sites as well.  The pros of social media hype stories of how hotel chains have people whose job is to scan all social media for hashtags and mentions of their chain as well as competitors, for the purpose of spreading good will.  This is all good stuff!

But here’s a question – when do we reach the point where we are serving our technology?  Blogs, video clips, podcasts are all great ways to communicate with your tribe but they take time to create and more time to manage.  Perhaps this cost is tiny compared to traditional marketing costs of just a few years ago but has anyone counted the cost of the time commitment?

Just wondering…

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“If you’re going to hope to get elected, don’t mention The Great Pumpkin!” – Snoopy

It a world of social media that encourages personal branding, consider carefully how you choose to brand yourself.  On the one hand, the company’s core ideology comes from the core values of the leadership.  Transparency is a good thing.  On the other hand, if your personal ideology does not line up with what you promote in your company, it opens the door for problems; both inside and outside the company.

Freedom of speech is a foundation of our great country but the one thing that people often neglect is that great freedoms come with great responsibility…and consequences if those freedoms are not exercised with careful deliberation.

You ARE the company.