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“I’m often wrong but I’m never in doubt.” – Scott Case

From the inception of your great idea, you have to put together a really good story and become a really good story teller.  Great story tellers make us believe in the story.  This is fundamental and why we start with it in every accelerator course we do.

Early on, there are hundreds of unknowns and there’s a ton of risk.  These things don’t make for a really inspiring story.  That’s where passion and belief come in.  Let’s face it; you are ALWAYS selling which means you are always telling your story, even when you don’t feel like it and even when you get overwhelmed with all the obstacles.

It’s ok to share your passion.  It shows your confidence and your belief in your idea.  It’s what gets you the next meeting.  It’s what makes people want to hear more.  It makes people want to join your cause.  I want to be around people who inspire me.


“Creating a healthy ecosystem is about churn. Whether companies grow, fail, leave or succeed is all part of it.” – Scott Case

The fact that somebody took a risk, got funded, hired some people and tried something is a good thing…for everybody.  We need to embrace our innovators and entrepreneurs and celebrate their failures as well as their successes.  A community that tolerates risk attracts more entrepreneurs and better companies.

The supreme challenge is typically not a lack of good ideas nor is it capital.  It’s experienced entrepreneurial talent.  You can’t gain experience without a few mistakes and at least a failure or tow.  That’s when you learn the most.

Churn is good.

“Entrepreneurship IS a real job” – Scott Case

Ted Turner once described his son as “He’s an entrepreneur.  He doesn’t have a real job.”  Yet the overwhelming driver of job growth in the US economy is small business.  America is the best place in the world to start a company.

Corporations and no longer value loyalty so the idea of  job security is a false reality.

Give yourself permission to think about being your own boss.  It’s hard and risky but it’s never boring.