“The number one respsonisibility of a leader is to catalyze a clear and shared vision for the company and to secure a commitment to and vigorous pursuit of that vision.” – Jim Collins

As the CEO, the Leader of your new company, this is your job.  Even though you may not have any staff right now, you still have to inspire those around you to join up with you in pursuit of your vision.

If you’re the person who created the solution or the one who is developing the technology, this can be a hard transition.  Why?  Because science or engineering is what you’re good at and you’d rather do the things you know you are good at.  In fact most people, when presented with two options, will gravitate toward the one they are most comfortable. This gets worse under stress.

When you start a company, you either have to take on this leadership responsibility and find help with the technical, or keep the technical and find your leader.

It can’t happen part-time…

Read “Beyond Entrepreneurship” by Jim Collins


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