“Entrepreneurship is like playing chess in a hockey rink.” – Steve Hane

Part of strategic planning is to think…well ahead…of potential outcomes.  It doesn’t end there.  Develop scenarios that represent how you would react to those potential outcomes.:  “If this happens, we’ll do that.  If that happens, we’ll so this”.

Even this is not enough.  In the heat of business, customer expectations change in a blink.

When you hit the growth stage, you have to capture market share as quickly as possible, rapidly iterating.  Geoffrey Moore calls this being “inside the tornado”.  Jim Cramer puts even more simply, “sell, sell, sell s,s,s SELL”

Hockey players can react quickly because they spent the time practicing the moves, ahead of game time.  That is how they slow down time.  Even while the mind is trying to analyze the situation, the body says, “I’ve seen this before,” and slaps the winning shot.



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