“Old Apple laptops used to have the logo upside down. It wasn’t an oversight but a user-friendliness decision.” – @OMG Facts

The story goes that Steve Jobs was adamant that the Apple logo appear right side up when the user opened the computer.  They found that customers got confused about which side of the notebook was the side that opened.  The result was that when the notebook sat open, the logo appeared upside-down to everyone else, especially when you saw an Apple computer on an episode of House.  Apparently this was a major source of contention.

This is amazing!

Not for the obvious reasons though.  (By the way, the Marketing people ultimately won the argument.)

The amazing thing is that Jobs was consumed with giving the customer the best possible experience using the product. So adamant he was that he fought what was an obvious marketing tactic.

Customer delight.  It WILL set you apart.

Here’s the post:


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