“He who sleeps on the floor will not fall off the bed.” – Robert Gronock

This one caught my eye because you can pretty much make up your own meaning.  Then again it’s so obvious and simple; like “You have to be present in order to be there.”

For the entrepreneur, it speaks to me of risk and the virtues of simplicity.  Sure it’s less risky to sleep on the floor,  but who wants to do that?  Every meaningful endeavor carries some risk.

But then, having a bed requires space, money and maintenance.  Sheets must be washed requiring a washing machine.  Beds should be properly made up in the morning (according to my wife).  Mattresses must be turned every few weeks and how do you get rid of old mattresses?  No one really knows.

The more stuff you accumulate, the more resources and attention it takes to maintain it all, and the less focus is available for the startup venture.  There’s only one thing better than having your own boat; that’s having a good friend who has their own boat!  Boats are fun and relaxing but there is a trade off.

A lot of my favorite entrepreneur case studies are about those who were not at all focused on accumulating personal stuff while they were building their companies.  Most of that came later.


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