“Doing nothing is very hard to do … you never know when you’re finished.” – Leslie Nielsen

Get a good, cheap project management app or a killer To Do list app.  I like Basecamp.  At the very least, use a spreadsheet to map out your major milestone categories and tasks.

I did some customer discovery work a while back to find out what tools our clients used to keep up with all the stuff they had to do.  I was interested in finding an app that combines strategic management with a task list.

After about 30 interviews, I determined that the most popular app to manage milestones… email!  Some had simple spreadsheets but only referred to them every couple weeks; not daily.

You can’t keep it all in your head and email keeps you focused on what’s happening right now, not what needs to be done by next week or next month.

What are the top three business goals?  Every morning should start with a priority of tasks aimed at those goals.

Reading email is not even close to #1.



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