“Eschew Obfuscation” – Unknown

Everything you do should communicate clearly.  Everything your company does should communicate clearly.  Everything about your product or service should communicate clearly. Here’s a partial list:

  • Value Proposition
  • Mission Statement
  • Company Values
  • Culture
  • Funding Pitch
  • Market Segment
  • Product Features
  • Elevator Pitch
  • Financials
  • Core Ideology

Your job as CEO is more to communicate than to educate.  This means meeting your audience on their terms, not yours.

This takes a lot of work and practice.  It takes a lot of feedback from others.  It takes followup and it takes repetition.  It takes a lot of one-on-one time.

And the biggest part of communication is listening.  Ask your stakeholders what they think and then shut up! Keep asking until you’re sure you understand.  Keep honing the message until you;re sure they understand.




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