“What you accomplish through your own efforts is a measure of your effectiveness…” – Shawn Carson

“…What you accomplish through the efforts of others is a measure of your leadership ability. What others do to substantiate your efforts is a measure of your success.”

The first two parts of this quote come from the leadership principles in the books of John C. Maxwell.  There is a third aspect that indicates the success of the effort and that is how others respond.  We call that a validation.

You can have a masterfully conceived plan and you may communicate it flawlessly to your team but if your customers don’t buy, your business will fail.  So along with tracking milestones, you need to identify and track validations.  They are the true measure of success.  A brief list of categories include:

  • First customers
  • Attracting key staff
  • Attracting advisors and mentors
  • Fund raising
  • Attracting key partners

The thing about all of these is that these people have to choose to be a part of your company.

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