“Weight comes from fear” – Unknown

One of the foundations of backpacking is to eliminate weight.  Doing so helps you hike faster, farther and more pleasant.

The things that add weight come mostly from fear.  If you are afraid you will be cold, you carry more clothes and heavier sleeping gear.  If you are afraid you’ll go hungry or thirsty, you carry more food and water. If you’re afraid to spend too much money, you get cheap (heavier) gear.  Going lightweight requires much planning and a tolerance for risk and discomfort.  But the potential rewards are breathtaking.  You get to go places and have experiences that very few people can.

For the entrepreneur, we could say that “Wait comes from fear”.  If you are afraid to run out of money, you might wait to start your company.  If you are afraid to release the wrong product or perhaps of failure itself, you might wait.

Starting a company, like backpacking requires planning and a tolerance for risk and discomfort.  In each case, you know that obstacles may arise and you adapt.  You also know that if everything goes wrong, the chances of dying are extremely small.

But oh, the places you will see; the stories you will tell.


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