“Effective leadership is not about making speeches or being liked; leadership is defined by results not attributes.” —Peter Drucker

Everybody’s got an answer and most are willing to tell you about it.  But few are willing to do something about it.  Every time I hear, “I wish somebody would…,” I think “well why don’t you?”

Leading is hard.  You can’t do everything right because there are too many conflicting circumstances. Not everyone is going to be happy.  If you try to please everyone, you will miss the full benefit of your original goal; which is the only way to focus — on the original goal.

Impediments and obstacles can involve technology, situations and people.  If you hit a wall, find another path or break through it.  Consensus is good until it impedes the mission.  Great results will settle the noise and put all the opinions in the right place.


Blogging Gazelle is Published Daily by Shawn Carson


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