“Getting to your goal is not so much about what’s in front of you as it is letting go what’s behind you” – Alex Lavidge

A good friend advised me this week to think about how things would be different if all my existing encumbrances suddenly just vanished.  What opportunities would open up?  What new possibilities would fall before me?  How would my path change direction?

We hang on to stuff. A lot of it is good.  But much of it is for reasons that don’t exist anymore.  What’s left is what we hold on to because of fear.  We know what we have, good or bad but we don’t know what lies ahead.  So we carry the baggage.

Crisis provides the opportunity to erase the whiteboard.  Some leadership gurus advise manufacturing a crisis now and then for this purpose.  But it doesn’t have to come to that.  Letting things go by deliberate thought process and habit is a better way.  The place to start is with your “Stop Doing List”.


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