“Why do we value leadership, connection and grace? Because it’s scarce, and that scacity creates value.” – Seth Godin

True leadership is proven during crisis.  That’s the time when blame is assigned.  That’s the time when the faint of heart bail out.  And that’s time supporters decide what’s in their interest rather than the interest of the organization.

This is why leadership is scarce even if the requisite skills are there.  Few want to deal with the risk and the disappointment.

Our thirst for blame and our fear of risk lead us to sack the one responsible in the short term rather than doing the hard work.  Grace is an unknown virtue in the real time updates of our modern social construct.  The hard work is figuring out the complexity of the problem and discovering a better path.  It’s the failure that brings the learning.

A good leader that gets sacked can always take the learning to the next opportunity.  Those that remain are left to repeat history because the learning was rejected in favor of ego.

Read Grace by Seth Godin


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