“Ideas without commitment are worthless” – Adam McCall

Adam McCall is an incredible serial entrepreneur who has been involved with startups from wilderness outfitters and wakeboard boats to alternative fuels and specialty plastic resins.  He recently offered his thoughts where this quote was shared.  It’s context was a discussion about generating ideas for a business.

There is no end to good ideas but rarely do these ideas come with a level of commitment to see them through.  Starting a company is hard work.  Some of the challenges can be foreseen but most will slap you in the back of the head at random, and sometimes all at once.  It’s just the way it is.  Entrepreneurs have the kind of thick skin that overcomes these challenges, one by one, as they come along.

This same reality goes for those who you choose to be a part of your company.  A good idea can attract a lot of well intentioned people but they need to be of the sort that are able to solve a lot of problems as they come; without regard to title, position or ego.


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