“Here’s the sound of me running-“pad pad pad…” Here’s me running in the rain-” squeege squeege squeege” – Shawn Carson

Running in the rain sucks! Running nine miles in the rain sucks for a really long time.  But it’s what you do if you’re training for a marathon.  You could hit the treadmill or you could just skip it for a day.  Or two or three.

Market research sucks!  Talking to 50 customers to understand their pain is not as fun as programming code or completing a prototype.  Finding a cheaper supplier takes time away from R&D.  You could put it off or just skip it.  After all, you know what customers want.  You’re going to tell them.

Runners run for the running.  Sometimes it rains and your feet get wet.  But logging that long run pays dividends in the end.    Entrepreneurs take care of the business.  Customers will tell you what they want if you ask them.  Listening to them will help you deliver the solution they are willing to pay for.


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