“Not everyone who [craps] on you is your enemy…” – Henry Fonda from “My Name Is Nobody”

“My Name Is Nobody” is a long time favorite movie of mine and thanks to my Netflix account, I was able to see it again recently.  There is a scene where Terrence Hill’s character “Nobody” is telling a story from his grandfather: http://youtu.be/7TtjmsuB0zY

Henry Fonda (Jack Beauregard) finally understands the moral of the story in a letter to Nobody at the end:

“Not everybody who [craps] on you is your enemy.  Not everyone who helps you is your friend.  And when you’re neck-deep in it, it’s best to keep your mouth shut.”

Seek out people you trust who will be brutally honest with you about your business, your leadership, and your strategy.

There are great service providers who deserve to get paid.  They should be able to quantify their benefits in a measurable way.  Insist on milestones and deliverables.

Finally, you rarely do yourself a favor by reacting negatively.  Take out your frustrations on a bike or a racquetball court.


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