“Hope is not a plan, Mr. Callan” – Hetty Lang from NCIS LA

“I hope so” is all to often the reply when the question is asked, “Do you think it will work?”

Hope is inspiring and keeps the light burning.  We need hope to get us through the dark hour.  But hope is not fundable in itself.

I was involved in a “take it or leave it” scenario and it was us who conveyed the ultimatum.  The strange thing was, we were surprised when the other side said, “Ok, leave!”  We were sure they would see it our way and we did not have a Plan B.  It cost us quite a bit of money and time.

For every big decision, every potential life changing scenario, you need to think through all the possible chess moves and consider what happens if things don’t go your way.  Definitely have Plan B ready.  Plan C and D should be in the wings; each just a phone call away.

“Can I bootstrap if funding falls through?’

“What if this key guy won’t agree to be an advisor?”

“What if this cracker jack programmer wants too much cash?’

Even in chess there are a limited number of potential moves and usually, three or four most obvious.  Always have a backup!

Blogging Gazelle is published daily by Shawn Carson


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