“Never start a business where you end up hating your customers” – Steve Blank

Another great point made by Steve Blank to his recent Lean Launchpad class.  This was in response to a question about whether or not to go on with the business now that the team had validated the market.  Check the Video

I think you have to really want to make a difference when you start a company.  There is no guarantee it will be a huge success.  It may only be a huge success to a small group of people.  Regardless, making a fortune as the primary motivation starting the company will not carry you through the tough times you will face.  I think that’s what Mr. Blank is trying to get across.  Your customers may not always love you; or they may love you to death.  Either way, it has to be for them and the problem you are solving.  The money alone won’t be enough motivation.

In this season, isn’t it appropriate to highlight the the giving aspect of the startup?

Happy holidays and Merry Christmas!


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