“All animals except men know the principle business of life is to enjoy it.” – Samual Butler

Entrepreneurship is hard, but then so is anything else that changes the world.  That does’t mean you can’t or should’t enjoy the work.

You have to love making your meaning.  There will be days when the decisions are tough, like having to lay off good people or fire those who aren’t going to make it.  Your competitors may resort to unfair practices or litigation to protect their markets.  And the government eventually has a say in how thing go.

You have to love your customers because they won’t always love you.  If the meaning you make is significant, you will attract detractors whose job they believe is to warn the world about the bad things that will happen when you change the things.

The money isn’t enough.  Getting rich is a good goal but it won’t help you retain your humanity in the bad times.

Doing good is the thing.  Doing good brings joy and that’s the principle business.

Blogging Gazelle is publish daily by Shawn Carson


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