“Leadership is evolution, not revolution” – Colin Powell

Leadership is a principle and a discipline; a mindset.  It is not a method and therefore, it cannot be reduced to a checklist.

It’s essence is in understanding a clear goal or end state, communicating that vision to the people who must do the work and then staying focused.  A little bit every day.  Regular reviews with tangible measures.  And the flexibility to adjust as the pathway reveals itself.

Occasional glances in the rearview mirror are fine to measure progress but  the priority is on the way forward.

Change takes time and it’s hard.  It’s easy for the popular hero to swoop in, create chaos in the name of positive change and then exit with the bonus leaving all the rubble to the rest of us.

Revolution results from bad leadership and it’s usually bloody…

The true leader leaves a legacy of success that does not depend on her presence or personality.  What remains is the vision.

Blogging Gazelle is published daily by Shawn Carson


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