“If you can begin to enjoy the process of building a startup rather than the outcome, you’ll be a better leader.” – Guy Kawasaki

I played football in high school and loved it.  Small and moderately skilled, I didn’t start till my senior year but I stuck with it from 6th grade on.    Football is a sport where if you’re into it just for playing in the games, there’s no value proposition.  It’s not worth all the work, pain and commitment for a few minutes of excitement each week.

I realized much later that it was the process that engaged me; the practice, the preseason, the teamwork ethic.  Being on the team had to be earned and it was the process that was rewarding, especially for those who would not go on to play in college.

Working with entrepreneurs is a similar experience.  The process is arduous and filled with challenges.  You have to love solving problems.  You have to take the resources available and figure out how to be successful.  And you will have to build your team.  And while you have to have an eye on the big picture, it’s the work one week at a time that breeds success.

Enjoying the process gives you a subtle edge on leadership.  You have an air of confidence that comes from moving in a direction.  People are drawn to that.

Read Reality Check by Guy Kawasaki


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