“To win in a market with a new product or service, you have to go after a market that has significant market pain, a pervasive problem, and a willingness to pay for a fix.” – Rob Adams

This one phrase sums up the customer discovery process.  Many startups begin life as the founder’s passion for making a change.  Creating a new gadget to solve a specific problem is the purview of the inventor.  Inventors are wired to iterate and redesign until they are happy with their invention.  This often uses up their resources and capital until there’s not much money left to start the company.

If you have entrepreneurial aspirations, then you need to determine if your cool new gadget idea is something people want and will pay money to acquire.  Do this as early as possible so your design is informed by what the market wants and not what you think they want.

 Blogging Gazelle is published daily by Shawn Carson


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