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“Entrepreneurship IS a real job” – Scott Case

Ted Turner once described his son as “He’s an entrepreneur.  He doesn’t have a real job.”  Yet the overwhelming driver of job growth in the US economy is small business.  America is the best place in the world to start a company.

Corporations and no longer value loyalty so the idea of  job security is a false reality.

Give yourself permission to think about being your own boss.  It’s hard and risky but it’s never boring.


“We’re not in the coffee business serving people; we’re in the people business serving coffee.” – Starbucks

If Drucker was right and the purpose of the business is to have a customer, then guess what?

It’s not about your technology, or your intellectual property, or your features.  It’s not about how many publications or degrees you have.

Every business should be in the people business delighting customers and solving their pain. The rest is just the channel that delivers value.

“There is only one valid definition of business purpose: to create a customer” – Peter Drucker

Great science is great science.  But it’s not a business…

Great technology can change the world.  But it’s not a business…

Great ideas capture imagination.  But it’s not a business…

Great people can inspire others.  But it’s not a business…

Great organizations can do great things.  But it’s not a business…

…until there’s a customer.