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“There are no peacetime generals in the history books” – Tom Peters

True heroes are called in the moment.  Circumstances arrange themselves and the situation finds itself in need of a leader; one who can make a decision rather than stand there.  Usually, doing something is better than doing nothing, but regardless, a decision must be made.

Failure can happen.  Chances are it will.  Good can still come.

I never really understood baseball until I figured out this:  it’s about being in the right place in case something happens.  It’s about practicing the possible scenarios over and over so that if something happens, you are in a position to make a play and you will know what to do.  It’s about reading the signs and anticipating the next move.

I believe this is how innovation happens.

We need more leaders.  We need more heroes.


“We cannot predict the future. But we can create it.” – Jim Collins

The iPod led to the iPhone and the iPad.  Was it intentional?  Probably.  Regardless, five years ago, tablet computers were expensive, bulky and generally worthless.

The future happens quickly.  The iPad was introduced less than two and a half years ago and yet it seems like they’ve been around longer.  That’s how it is with innovation.

Read “Great By Choice”  by Jim Collins


“It’s a tangent looking for a circle” – Mike Carroll

Technology for technology’s sake is not a business.  That does’t mean it’s not useful, or valuable or necessary.  It may even enable an innovator to find a use in a market but unless the technology solves a problem that a customer is willing to pay for, it’s not a business.

The sooner you understand the needs of a market segment, the more likely the technology will be successful as a business.

“The future is here. It’s just not widely distributed yet.” – William Gibson

There are always those who see the future long before the rest of us.  They have the ability to recognize huge potential.  Yet often, the pathway is not revealed to them.  Perhaps it is the down side to viewing the forrest in it’s entirety.

The World Changers are the ones who chart the path.  They convey value to others in a convincing way, perhaps in small doses; which by the way, is an excellent marketing technique.

The key to the future is the first step, without all the detail, complexity and noise.  This is where enduring startups come from.

“Name the greatest of all inventors. Accident.” – Mark Twain

Strategic planning, Customer Value, Business Models, Value Propositions.  These are all worthwhile pursuits in your venture.  They are the right things to do.

Focus is absolutely necessary.

But once in a while, look up.  See what’s around you.  That goop in the beaker may just be nylon.  That failure in making a strong glue may just be sticky notes.  People just may be willing to pay millions for their link to show up on your search engine.